Join our NHMF Panel and help us save some of the UK’s finest heritage

For over 40 years, NHMF has provided financial assistance towards the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of some of the UK’s finest heritage at risk of loss. 

This heritage ranges from historic houses and works of art to trains, boats and ancient landscapes. Major examples include The Flying Scotsman, Henry VIII’s flagship Mary Rose and the Staffordshire Hoard.

Watch this short video to see some of the treasures saved by NHMF since 1980: 

NHMF is a fund of last resort, which means that when all other avenues have been explored to save an outstanding heritage item, NHMF steps in when it matters most. It exists to create a world class collection that belongs to the people of the United Kingdom forever.

We need your help

We are currently recruiting six members to the NHMF Panel, which provides expert advice at quarterly meetings to help our Board of Trustees make the right funding decisions. 

The role offers an opportunity for an individual to make a lasting contribution to the UK’s diverse heritage. 

Chief Executive and NHMF Panel Chair, Ros Kerslake CBE, said: “The importance of the assistance we receive from our Panel members is immense. We rely on their in-depth knowledge and expertise to help us make challenging decisions and direct our funding to where it is needed most.

“With the Panel’s guidance, we are able to make sure our most-loved heritage treasures stay available to people here in the UK.”

With the Panel’s guidance, we are able to make sure our most-loved heritage treasures stay available to people here in the UK.

Current Panel member Merlin Waterson said: “It is fascinating to help the NHMF assess which applications will bring greatest enrichment to the cultural life of the nation.” 

NHMF has recently announced a £40m COVID-19 Response Fund, which provides a lifeline for heritage assets affected by the pandemic. Our Panel members have never been more important.

Several items saved by the NHMF

What we are looking for

We are looking for Panel members who have an expert level of skills and experience in one or more of the following heritage areas:

  • industrial, maritime and transport heritage
  • archives and documentary heritage
  • decorative arts
  • fine art and the art market
  • archaeological heritage
  • built heritage and designed landscapes
  • natural heritage
  • museums and collections

Panel members should have strong connections within the sector and the ability to weigh up relative heritage significance. 

We are particularly keen to encourage applications from underrepresented groups on our panel. These include young people, people of black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, people who identify as disabled or with long-term health conditions, people who identify as LBGTQ+ and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We will be looking to recruit Panel members from all around the UK to ensure we have good representation across the country.

Time commitment

NHMF Panel members are expected to attend four meetings per year, plus time to read the necessary papers. Meetings generally last around three hours. 

The Panel has been meeting virtually since April 2020. In the future, meetings will be a mix of in person and virtual meetings.


NHMF Panel members will be paid a rate of £350 for each of the four NHMF Panel meetings. Travel and subsistence will be provided for attending meetings in person.

Find out more and apply

Download a full application pack. The closing date is 11.59pm on Sunday 31 October 2021 (extended from 24 October)

If you require further details please contact us at